Efficient & Flexible

Corner Media 
has more than 1,500 digital displays
in premium pedestrian locations, mass transit vehicles and taxi cabs in the top 10 ad markets, allowing brands to reach multiple audiences with as little as a single piece of creative or separate creatives by location. You choose the location, campaign duration, and frequency – we display your ad within as little as 24 hours of receiving creative. Once the ad is live, we can make any updates in near real-time. Corner Media helps you increase awareness and consideration with the customers you truly want to reach – when they’re most likely to buy.
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Prime Real Estate

Corner Media’s innovative outdoor solution helps brands
leave a lasting impression
with a visual takeover of a high-traffic, high-end pedestrian area. You’ll deeply engage your target audience with unexpected, strategically positioned advertising.
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Advanced Targeting

Complementing digital out-of-home with
location-based mobile ads
creates the opportunity for retargeting, dual-screen messaging, and clear calls to action. Your mobile ad will run on apps that consumers know and love. After analyzing your target audience’s mobile behaviors, we’ll select the best options from our network of 150,000 apps. Our advanced targeting capabilities allow you to reach customers based on their precise location via digital fences – so you can grab their attention when they’re near a competitor, near the business location, or based on where they live. Learn more about in-app mobile ads.

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