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Corner Media launches “From Real Estate to Media Estate” Program

Corner Media launched its “From Real Estate to Media Estate” program, a set of solutions designed specifically for owners of choice commercial properties.

Corner Media offers property owners solutions to create a steady stream of ancillary revenues from digital displays, digital directories and other high-impact outdoor advertising formats.

Their “From Real Estate to Media Estate” campaign is focused on helping property owners generate additional revenue by monetizing unused space.

“Great real estate has tremendous media value — that’s why we call it ‘media estate,’” said Joe Kunigonis, President of Corner Media. “By leveraging locations with high pedestrian traffic — those ‘irreplaceable community corners’ — property owners can create new streams of revenue and foster a vibrant atmosphere for their visitors.”

Corner Media currently partners with a number of leading property owners, including Federal Realty Investment Trust JBG, KIMCO Realty, Petrie Ventures, Inc. and PMI, among others.

“Our ‘From Real Estate to Media Estate’ program is helping property owners leverage digital technologies to make money and save money, so they can focus on what they do best,” said Tom Farasy, Corner Media’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our partners come to us for our expertise in monetizing media value: generating incremental revenue through visual and digital marketing, enhancing customer experience from entry to exit, supporting tenant sales, engaging the community and enhancing walkable spaces.”

Corner Media’s solutions are designed for a variety of location types, with a purposeful balance between high-frequency locations (like coffee shops and metro stations) and high-traffic specialty locations (like gourmet markets and upscale retail). Examples of their implemented media estate solutions can be seen at JBG’s L’Enfant Plaza, FRIT’s Santana Row in San Jose, Bethesda Row in Maryland, and The Village at Shirlington in Arlington, Virginia.

About Corner Media
 Corner Media is a location-based digital media company that brings together traditional outdoor and digital media. The company focuses on choice, high-pedestrian traffic locations — the irreplaceable community corners — where brands can reach their ideal customers. Corner Media offers innovative outdoor campaigns, including digital displays and cutting-edge mobile advertising products with advanced targeting capabilities.