Extend the conversation from big screen to small screen with location-based mobile ads. You can laser-target your ideal audience by lifestyle, demographic, or location, and reach them at the most opportune time – when they’re near your business, near your digital ad, or even near your competitors. Message them again after their first exposure to reinforce your communication and grow consideration.

The Value

Corner Media _ Innovative outdoor advertising solutions _ Extend

Extend The Conversation

Engage busy, on-the-go consumers with a mobile ad that appears in their favorite apps
Corner Media _ Innovative outdoor advertising solutions _ Optimize

Optimize Your Engagement

Target the ideal audience by location, lifestyle, or even time of day for optimal results.
Corner Media _ Innovative outdoor advertising solutions _ Redirect

Redirect Their Attention

Trigger ads to appear when consumers are near your business, near a competitor, or anywhere relevant to you.

The Method

  • Mobile ads run across our 150,000 app network, including sports, news, and gaming sites
  • We identify where your ad performs best then optimize for the most efficient flight possible
  • Geo-fencing allows you to target consumers based on their precise locations, so the right information appears to the right user at the right time
  • with clear to call to action

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