What We Do for Brands and Their Agencies

Corner Media brings together traditional and digital out-of-home advertising possibilities by focusing on audiences at premier high pedestrian traffic locations: “the irreplaceable corners” in local communities where brands can reach their ideal customers.

Corner Media is powered by a mission: to free advertisers from the constraints of traditional out-of-home media and to help them reach the right consumers, at the right time, in the right location.

We combine digital out-of-homein-app mobile ads, and innovative outdoor solutions in order to bring the newest digital technology and applications to one of the oldest forms of media. By doing so, we help advertisers reach and engage on-the-go, hard-to-reach consumers.

Digital Out of Home

Reach the customers you are looking for with our strategically positioned digital displays. Your brand will be spotlighted in premier pedestrian locations where your ideal customers live, work, shop, and play – high frequency neighborhood shopping, outdoor shopping plazas, urban commuter routes, transit centers, big box specialty stores, and shopping malls. And as the only digital advertising on the premises, your full-motion ad will get their attention.

Innovative Outdoor

Transform your advertising into the centerpiece of a high-end, high-traffic destination. Your brand’s story will be amplified as your message becomes a larger-than-life landmark in your target customer’s favorite shopping destination. Promote a new product, reach a new audience, or drive awareness in a specific locale – the sky’s the limit.


Extend the conversation from big screen to small screen with location-based mobile ads. You can laser-target your ideal audience by lifestyle, demographic, or location, and reach them at the most opportune time – when they’re near your business, near your digital ad, or even near your competitors. Message them again after their first exposure to reinforce your communication and grow consideration.


Digital out-of-home media is a new market and an exciting form of consumer engagement. Our approach to this medium is based on new scientific research. This is where you will find up-to-date and relevant cutting edge research on visual marketing.

Simplified Process

By keeping the ad buying process simple, we help our clients maximize their media budget and more effectively target their ideal audience.

Define audience and establish metrics

Choose the locations, duration, and frequency for your ad

Get your full motion ad ready, then launch

Measure results and optimize campaign