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What We Do for Real Estate Owners

Great real estate has tremendous media value. Corner Media helps you monetize your portfolio by transforming unused spaces into sources of advertising revenue. The Corner Media Digital Urban Panels ® – our location-based digital displays, and innovative outdoor advertising solutions generate additional revenue and help you brand your property as a vibrant and connected destination. We help offer your tenants a way to reach their best customers and transform your property, where traditional meets digital.

What We Do for Brands and Their Agencies

Corner Media brings together traditional and digital out-of-home advertising possibilities by focusing on audiences at premier high pedestrian traffic locations: “the irreplaceable corners” in local communities where brands can reach their ideal customers.


Corner Media is powered by a mission: to free advertisers from the constraints of traditional out-of-home media and to help them reach the right consumers, at the right time, in the right location.


We combine digital out-of-homein-app mobile ads, and innovative outdoor solutions in order to bring the newest digital technology and applications to one of the oldest forms of media. By doing so, we help advertisers reach and engage on-the-go, hard-to-reach consumers.


Consumers are exposed to thousands of ads each day. Brands are constantly competing for their audience’s attention and must find creative and efficient methods to engage potential buyers. We help brands do this every day by bringing together traditional outdoor and digital advertising to help businesses reach their ideal customers. With the Corner Media Digital Urban Panels ® digital displays, location-based mobile ads, and innovative outdoor advertising, we help place brands in front of their target customers where they live, work, shop, and play. Advertising creatives are strategically placed where the consumers are, whether they are utilizing essential services, getting a coffee, dining, going to the gym or other out of home experiences in an open air outdoor environment.

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