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Monetize the Media Value of Your Real Estate


Corner Media’s “From Real Estate to Media Estate” is a set of solutions designed specifically for owners of choice commercial properties. By leveraging locations with high pedestrian traffic and by transforming unused space, our program helps property owners create a steady stream of ancillary revenues from digital displays, digital directories and other high-impact outdoor advertising formats.


With Corner Media:


You make NO INVESTMENT and take NO RISKS – as Corner Media covers all costs of hardware, software and installation;

You have NO HASSLE – as Corner Media obtains all necessary permits and performs all maintenance on the displays. We utilize existing wall and grade spaces, taking full advantage of the elements already on site to create an aesthetically pleasing visual landscape;

You RECEIVE INCOME in the form of a share of our media revenues.

Ancillary income is just that – ancillary – your side business. But your side business is our core business.

Our Real Estate Partners

Corner Media currently partners with a number of leading property owners. Our real estate partners come to us for our expertise in monetizing the media value of their properties:

  • Generating incremental revenue through visual and digital marketing
  • Enhancing customer experience from entry to exit
  • Supporting tenant sales
  • Enhancing walkable spaces and fostering a vibrant atmosphere for visitors
  • Corner Media’s solutions are designed for a variety of location types, with a purposeful balance between high-frequency locations like coffee shops and metro stations and high-traffic specialty locations like gourmet markets and upscale retail.
  • Property owners also enjoy the ability to promote public service messages, space for lease, apartments for rent, condos for sale, events at their venues, sponsorships of community programs they are affiliated with, and many others.

Great Places, Great Spaces

Simple Process


Develop media estate plan


Design location specific features


Select ideal placements – install assets


Monetize the media value


Generate your new income stream

Powerful Insights

Corner Media’s digital displays give you visibility into meaningful data about the people frequenting your property – from demographic data to mobile behaviors.

Our screens also serve as a powerful, efficient method of communicating with your visitors through beautiful full-motion ads. You have access to media space to promote events and provide information to your visitors. And because we provide 24/7 operational support, we can make updates to promotions and directories in near real-time.

Ready to Monetize the Media Value of Your Real Estate?